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Open Wide

Saturday, March 22, 2008

State Department Incapable of Maintaining Security of the Private Data of American Citizens Under Leadership of Bush-Cheney Junta

Private contractors [scabs] working for Condoleezza Rice recently hacked into the private passport files of Senators Clinton, McCain, and Obama. The whole world is screaming about it. This development is not prophesied to lend much momentum to the junta's efforts to bully congress into passing a continuation of the so-called PATRIOT act, legislation that actually abrogates many of the rights and responsibilities that our patriotic forebears fought, rallied, protested, and died for.


Kenneth said...

china has finally allowed us to view blogspot.

Hi Scott.

Scott Morgan Lewis said...

I'll have to start doing more posts on Tibet and the Olympics that might rival the 1980 Moscow Olympic.