Open Wide

Open Wide

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Component of Crude Oil Found on Titan

According to some very clever scientists studying data and images from Cassini who have recently been published in Nature, Saturn's largest moon Titan has lakes of ethane on its surface. It is the only other planet or moon that we know of in our solar system besides Earth to have lakes of some kind of liquid on its surface. Not ones to miss major news items very frequently, especially items that involve space probes and things that didn't turn to shit during their time in office, nor ones likely to overlook the fact that ethane is a component of crude oil, which can be made into many safe and convenient petroleum products at all the clean and efficient petroleum refineries that were built to-spec in the middle of the Twentieth Century, the Bush-Cheney junta is expected to announce plans soon for building giant moon-shocking space-based oil rigs that will be paid for by our great-great-great grandchildren in order to prolong our dependence on constitutionally protected petroleum products such as Vaseline, which may not be used by more than one man and one woman at a time in 36 states, at any cost. Halliburton, Exxon-Mobile, and Northrop Grumman are expected to receive the first no-bid contracts.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boycott the 2010 Census [Unless They Decide to Allow Their Workers to Record Data Accurately and Truthfully]!

According to this story in the Silicon Valley Mercury News [that I read about on Pam's House Blend], the US Census Bureau has announced that it plans to instruct its employees to lie when recording data about married gay and lesbian families in the upcoming 2010 census. Because of the irrational refusal of the federal government to acknowledge the existence of non-heterosexual marriage, [which those taking the red pills often attempt to excuse by uttering the magic incantation, "Well, it's because of DOMA,"] federal workers recording data for the upcoming census will be instructed to "classify" married non-heterosexual couples as "not married." The full effect of all this inaccurate data is yet to be determined, but it might have something to do with lower funding for social programs in communities with higher concentrations of gay and lesbian families.

A good way for gay and lesbian families to respond to this affront to their dignity might be to boycott the census entirely and refuse to provide any data beyond a statement such as, "Due to the federal government's pig-headed, naive, irrational, and superstition-based refusal to acknowledge the nature of reality as it pertains to the existence of non-heterosexual marriage, this household refuses to participate in the 2010 Census in any way." I think that might be technically illegal, which would make this an act of civil disobedience. You have been warned. However, I personally have refused to participate in the census and sit on federal juries since the mid-nineties for the very same reasons and have never had to face any consequences.

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's an America Sale!

Iconic landmarks in the US are once again being sold to the highest international bidders just as they were during the last Bush presidency when Japanese investors bought Rockefeller Center. One can only hope this development in the international macrobrewing business community will lead to price and distribution parity between Stella and Bud in North America.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Firefox 3 Rocks

I'm running it on a 1+-year-old MacBook running 10.4.?. It loads faster and looks slicker, and I have yet to see a pop-up from a blocked site. I'm sure there are more reasons than that to upgrade, but none that were so pleasantly obvious to me. The install was a bit goosey because it asked me if I wanted to replace my existing [and working just fine] version of Firefox 2 without assuring me that it would import all my bookmarks and preferences. It did but only after I aborted the first install to rename the old version just in case the new didn't work. You can get it here.