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Open Wide

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Democrats In Congress Roll Over for the Bush-Cheney Junta One More Time

The Washington Post is reporting that the Bush-Cheney junta and Congress have worked out a tentative government bailout plan for wealthy Americans who invested heavily and recklessly on Wall Street. Although the plan puts small limits on the golden parachutes of executives who ran their firms into the ground, it does nothing to help working class Americans caught up in the foreclosure crisis, which many believe is the root cause of the national financial crisis.


Michael, Karen, Morgan, J.D. & Levi said...

So, since effectively the Republicans in congress made sure this "bailout plan for wealthy Americans" didn't pass, are you pro-Republican now?

Scott said...

I think your premise is based on an irrelevant assumption. Although it is true some conservative Republicans voted against the plan, they only did so as quid pro quo to their wealthy contributors in the financial sector. The main reason the plan did not pass was liberal and progressive Democrats in Congress responding to calls from their even more liberal and progressive constituents asking them to vote against any plan that does not help foreclosed homeowners by revising the bankrupcy laws. If all Democrats had been on board with their "leadership," the Bush-Cheney junta's Reverse Robin Hood Plan would have passed with few changes. In any event, this discussion is purely rhetorical. The Republican party's opposition to human rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered Americans prevents hundreds of thousands of people from even considering the other planks in their platform because bigotry and hatred are just wrong. I will never vote for a Republican until the RNC removes from its platform all antigay bigotry. I would also like to see them add a plank re-affirming our nation's proud history of separating church and state. Another plank pledging to cherish the First and Fourteenth Amendements would also be nice.