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Open Wide

Friday, March 16, 2007

Review of 300

Oh, did it suck. I know the violence is supposed to be “stylized,” but I’d describe the style as gratuitiously gory to the point that only a sociopath would enjoy viewing it. The sex scene would have been fine if they had limited it to two positions. Why did all the Persians appear to be of mostly African ancestry and all the Greeks appear to be of Norse or Celtic ancestry? Could it be..... RACISM? The oracle appeared to be channeling someone at a rave who’s had one too many pills. Why do I continue to let my partner talk me in to viewing movies based on books, comic books, or video games? [Because he puts up with me renting cheesy TLA productions with subtitles?] They all suck. It’s always better to read or play the original. Don’t let anyone talk you into seeing this movie because it’s “visually stunning,” either. It’s not. I know it was supposed to be “dark,” but most of the scenes were simply not lit well enough, and the camera work was uninspiring and average. The plot [the existence of which could be debated] would have been more appropriate for a Monty Python skit.

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john said...

I loved the movie and I hate fantasy shit...but it beats the normal shit Hollywood usually has to offer. The racism was wonderful.... If the other army were snakes on a plane would you be upset that the big snakes were being unfair stereotyped? Besides what about all those Chinese Mafia-types in the good beats bad guy movies? We go to war on a daily basis with people that look different from us, worship stuff other than what we believe or drive cars we don't approve of and it just works. Did you get the religious / sexual repression jabs? Let's see Hollywood tackle the Muslim and Jewish treatment of women ... if what you believe in represses anyone you better be able to answer to it on the IMAX screen. The IMAX experience was great and my next show for that technology will probably be Grinderhouse and I hate those movies too but at least it's not "Music and Lyrics."