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Open Wide

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Huge Rasping Noise Heard As Democratic Machine Encounters Unexpected Resistance

In Philadelphia's fourth council district, from which the beloved Mike Nutter resigned to run for mayor [and Ganymede's Ghost is usually blogged], there is a tight three-way race between Carol Ann Campbell, Matt McClure, and Curtis Jones, Jr. Campbell is a giant cog the city's Democratic Machine and was installed by it after Nutter's resignation. She and her PACs are under investigation by the city's ethics board [and apparently not one single photo of her exists in which she does not appear extremely corrupt and contemptuous]. Jones seemed like a decent candidate who wanted to be perceived as following in Chaka Fattah's footsteps, but then he took a verbal swipe at McClure in the form of a [not even funny] race-class joke confusing Harvard University with Haverford Avenue [and implying that McClure, who happens to be white and not to have attended Harvard, would be unable to relate to constituents with differing skin colors and economic needs].

All these developments make it easy for Ganymede's Ghost to endorse Matt McClure for city council's fourth district. McClure is also the only candidate who has expressed any concern for the future of the Fairmount Park system, and I think he would be least likely to endorse raising taxes for any reason, a move that would drive the middle and working classes out of the city faster than they are already fleeing.

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