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Open Wide

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I'm Not Sure If This Will Help, But I Feel The Need To Try

According to, there will be hundreds of emergency veto rallies across the country today to protest the president's impending veto of a military spending bill that requires him to begin extricating our family members in the troops from the sectarian disaster he has allowed to unfold in Iraq. I plan to attend the rally on the northwest corner of Center Square (Philadelphia City Hall) at 5:15 today with my friend Jason [with whom I was planning to attend the Night of a Thousand Stevies in a few short weeks—until I saw the "film" that started it all, Gypsie 83, which was an entertaining movie even though it inaccurately stereotyped Pennsylvania and its inhabitants in several ways].

So anyway, if you go to a rally [here's where to find one more convenient for you if Center City doesn't work], bring pots, pans, noisemakers, and creative signs. The one in Center City will convene at Center Square and proceed down Market to Senator Specter's office at 6th and Market in the square brown [appropriate color choice if you like bullshit] federal office building. He's been saying he wants to bring our family members in the troops home as soon as possible and that Congress must hold the executive branch constitutionally accountable, but he continues to vote for the Bush-Cheney junta's profoundly flawed policies that were formulated on cynical lies and distortions intended only to enrich materialistically his cronies in certain military-industrial sectors of the economy. Strangely, local corporate media outlets have been ignoring this dishonest behavior. The organizers of today's rally intend to change that.

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