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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dennis Kucinich Has More Balls Than the Rest of Congress Combined

Last weekend I got into a drunken "discussion" with my friend Amy about why Bush and Cheney haven't been impeached and removed from office yet. Despite her formidable intelligence and respectable education, she contended that the reason was that they haven't actually done anything illegal. [They don't get good real news in the LA bubble, so it's not entirely her fault.] I contended that the list of crimes [or impeachable offenses] was at least as long as the 600,000+ civilians who have lost their lives in the Bush-Cheney junta's illegal invasion of Iraq [so that would be 600,000 counts of murder] and the 3000+ American soldiers whose lives have been pointlessly sacrificed in the same invasion [which would be 3000 counts of grossly negligent manslaughter]. Then, there's all that evidence of Republican-orchestrated election fraud in Florida in 2000 and Ohio and elsewhere in 2004, which still continues to mount [when did that molehill turn into a mountain so big its shadow covers all of doubt's?], but I was drunk and not in possession of all my words or inside voice.

Well finally, at least one person in Congress has his shit together enough to put together an official resolution listing the actual crimes in sober language and introduce it for consideration in the House of Representatives. Speaker Pelosi says she has other priorities and that Bush isn't worth it. This is a good excuse for her because she's a pragmatist who must govern from the middle if she wants to keep her position of power. We all know that there aren't sixty-seven US Senators with consciences, which means the likelihood of removing Bush or Cheney from office is close to null. Pelosi probably sees impeachment as an unacceptable waste of her time and resources. She might be right, but it would also waste the time and resources of the Bush-Cheney junta. That means they'd have fewer resources with which to attack gay and lesbian Americans as well as to plan future illegal invasions and election frauds. That alone should be enough of a reason to let the show begin.

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alice said...

I'm dreaming of a full impeachment, don't wake me up, it's bliss.