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Open Wide

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Legal Equality for All New Yorkers = Anticatholic Discrimination

It's very telling that an appointed spokesidiot [paid lobbyist] for the hierarchy of the superstition-based Roman Catholic Church would describe proposed legislation to extend full human rights, including marriage, to gay and lesbian couples as "slam-the-church week for Spitzer." Imagine the blasphemy! A Jew attempting extend the equal protection of New York's laws to gay and lesbian New Yorkers, which happens to be a campaign promise he is now trying fulfill after being democratically elected by all New Yorkers over 18 who cared enough to vote.

The spokesidiot also said that Spitzer "is going out of his way to stick it to Catholics. He is trying to ram it down the throats of New York and this is mind-boggling." I'm not a therapist, but I did have to take lots of English lit classes in college in which I learned that the careful deconstruction of a text and close analysis of each and every word [and why it could have possibly been chosen] can often yield much more information than one would absorb from a cursory reading. It seems to me that even a not-so-careful deconstruction of this last statement reveals a certain spokesidiot's suppressed fantasies about oral sex with Jewish guys. And since this spokesidiot has probably been mindfucked since early childhood by members of the Roman Catholic hierarchy espousing hate-filled dogma against gay people, sex, and, albeit less frequently since that holocaust thing, the Jews, his suppressed fantasies of sex and violence and violent sex assert themselves subconsciously in syntactically insidious ways.

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